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Lost Your Way?

Lost Your Way?- Dec 31
You would be ever so surprised at the amount of great players who have lost themselves in searching for “The Holy Grail” in golf, the “perfect” golf swing. I have seen the most accomplished of major winners fall off the “proverbial golf map” as a result of searching in the wrong places and seeking the wrong advice. Sure – Everyone loves and wants to improve and keep on improving. But what happens if you do lose your way? Keep working on the things you may think you need to change as result of someone’s suggestion. Or take inventory!

Is Tiger Timid?

Is Tiger Timid?- Oct 07
Is Tiger timid, or has he finally been tamed?
Who would have ever thought the great Tiger Woods, the heir apparent to Jack Nicklaus, the greatest golfer of all time, would be struggling to the degree he is with the game he has dominated since his explosive appearance on the PGA tour after his an impressive and illustrious amateur career?
The answer is, probably, no one!

Why Can’t I Improve My Golf Game?

Why Can’t I Improve My Golf Game?- Sep 30
Why can’t I improve my golf game? I have hit the Proverbial “Brick Wall”!!
Ever wonder why you can’t improve? You have invested countless hours  in practice, more money than the national debt in new clubs, an exotic driver, shafts, balls and technology that could propel yourself into the next galaxy, and yet, despite this investment, you still have more “Hits than Elvis” every time you venture out onto the links.

High Schoolers Banned from Competition

High Schoolers Banned from Competition- Oct 14
Question – Are the OHSAA rules to ban high schoolers from all outside golf competition, a benefit to student golfers and the schools, or not?
Absolutely, unequivocally not! Why does the OHSAA hamper the progress of aspiring junior golfers by not allowing them to play in any other form of competition, other than OHSAA sanctioned events! The reason which obvious to me, is, that they must not want junior golf get better in this state!