Why Can’t I Improve My Golf Game?

Why Can’t I Improve My Golf Game?- Sep 30
Why can’t I improve my golf game? I have hit the Proverbial “Brick Wall”!!
Ever wonder why you can’t improve? You have invested countless hours  in practice, more money than the national debt in new clubs, an exotic driver, shafts, balls and technology that could propel yourself into the next galaxy, and yet, despite this investment, you still have more “Hits than Elvis” every time you venture out onto the links.
Have you ever considered for one moment that maybe, just maybe, that the real problem is not “the arrow, but the Indian?” Does this description resemble your golf prowess? If it does, may I suggest that you look closely at resolving the real issues with respect to your beloved game!
Honesty speaking, there is nothing more frustrating than “hitting the brick wall’ when it comes to improving in golf. Beginners and accomplished amateurs have actually given up the game they passionately love to play! PGA pros have been completely exiled from professional golf tours because they could never understand the subtleties of swing mechanics which would hold up under intense competitive pressure. After all, understanding these subtleties is what every golfer irrespective of his level of ability is looking for. The “Holy Grail’of golf!  The so-called, “Golf Secret”!
Let me state this as simply and as bluntly as possible! This world operates in accordance with laws, principles and preferences. When any one person or nation violates these laws there are always severe ramifications for their non-compliance.
So it is with golf swing mechanics! A ball goes where it goes, how far it goes and how consistently it goes because of the three laws of motion! If the technique you currently are employing complies with good physics, you obviously do not need help! However, if your golf swing is more violent than a UFC main event, you really do have a problem!
How do I fix it? (I hear you say!) First, understand, that you have some serious issues with respect to the 5 foundational fundamentals of the golf swing. Have I invested enough time and patience in forming a rock solid grip, creating an immovable spine angle by good posture, a grip pressure which reduces tension in the forearms and wrists , good ball position and a routine that enables you to accurately align yourself to your target with consistency? Well have I? If you struggle, you haven’t!
Dr. Phil has always amused me when diagnosing the problems of some of his patients on his widely viewed television self help show. His comment should ring in the ears of every struggling golfer.
“Well! How’s that working for you?” “It’s not, is it?” is his somewhat satirical retort. Isn’t it about time you made some changes? The hardest obstacle every golfer must face in order to pursue improvement is making the decision to, and then committing to that decision.
Once, you realize that great golf swings are a result of adherence to the 3 laws of motion and a strong fundamental, foundational base; you are 90% of the way, not only to recovery, but to an immense increase in pleasure in playing the game and your overall performance on the course.
The great player and teacher, Bob Toski, whom I worked with years ago, said something with respect to golf I have never forgotten. “John, if you are ever going to be a good teacher of the game, always remember, You gotta have the Motion, if your gonna cause commotion!”

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