Is Tiger Timid?

Is Tiger Timid?- Oct 07
Is Tiger timid, or has he finally been tamed?
Who would have ever thought the great Tiger Woods, the heir apparent to Jack Nicklaus, the greatest golfer of all time, would be struggling to the degree he is with the game he has dominated since his explosive appearance on the PGA tour after his an impressive and illustrious amateur career?
The answer is, probably, no one!
How could the career, of the most talented, gifted and highly paid athletes of all time, spiral out of control into the depths of the “Black Hole” of golf’s abyss? And the question that plagues the minds of golf scribes and enthusiasts all over the world is; “Has Tiger finally been tamed or is he just timid?”
I have thought long and hard with respect to this question and have concluded; the answer is both! For the first time, he no longer possesses that impenetrable suit of mental armor that he once flaunted in the faces of his fellow PGA pros. They are afraid of him, no longer! He is now as vulnerable as any other mere mortal to the mental demons that ordinary folk battle in their quest for supremacy in this, at times, debilitating game! Having not his armor to shield his heart from fear and a helmet to protect his thinking, he has become, yes, “golf hackers”, one of us!

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