Going Low with Mental Training

Going Low with Mental Training- Feb 17, 2012
Dr. Todd Kays, Central Ohio’s elite sport and performance psychologist, provides cutting edge mental training tactics utilizing the latest approaches teaching for mental toughness, confidence, performance under pressure, and peak focus in golf.
Ohio golfers will now have access to the mental training secrets of the world’s best on the PGA Tour that will help them build confidence in their game and learn the ideal mental state to play golf at a higher level. They also will find out how to bounce back from mistakes and learn to manage pressure in competitive situations.
Seminar Key Topics:
Learn to score and play golf, not simply swing a club
Perform under Pressure.. When it Counts
Play with a Swagger
Recover and Thrive After Mistakes
Each participant receives a copy of Dr. Kay’s Sports Psychology for Dummies and Golfer’s Journal
Dr. Kays is a published author of five books: Sports Psychology for Dummies, The Golfer’s Journal, The Positive Transition for Student Athletes, Life Skills for Sport, College and Career, and The Parent’s Playbook: Developing a Game Plan for Maximizing your Child’s Athletic Experience. He regularly consults with players on the PGA, LPGA, Nationwide, Hooters and Futures Golf Tours, as well as top college and high school players throughout the country. Dr. Kays has appeared on radio, television, newspapers and magazines, including ESPN, Fox Sports, The Golf Channel and the New York Post.

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